Dr. Marco Scarci

Patient Information


Patient Information

Personalised care

Mr Marco Scarci is committed to building good relationships with all his patients and providing consistent high-quality care throughout your medical journey.

We aim to make the treatment process as supportive as possible by ensuring you have all the information you need at every stage. If you are having surgery you will receive personalised care, based on a bespoke partnership of care between doctor and patient. 

You will have the time to discuss your condition fully with Mr Scarci, after which he will decide upon a personal treatment and recovery plan for you.

Advanced surgical techniques

With the latest minimally-invasive techniques, more and more chest conditions requiring surgery can now be treated with far smaller incisions. This means patients experience significantly less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery, enabling you to get back to fitness sooner.

Referral information

Usually to be treated under a private medical insurance scheme you will require a GP referral, self-pay patients are welcome to obtain one, but can be seen directly.

Insured patients  Please ask your GP to refer you to Mr Marco Scarci at one of his practice-based hospitals. Your GP will write a letter of referral and then either you or your GP can contact Mr Scarci’s Secretary to arrange your first outpatient appointment. Contact us here.

Self-pay patients  For most self-pay treatments simply email us at practicemanagement@marcoscarci.co.uk to request a guide price, or to discuss your personal situation.

Not all conditions can be treated at one particular hospital as some patients may require more complex investigations and treatments. Mr Scarci will advise you on where is appropriate to continue with your treatment.

Preparing for your hospital admission

Once you have chosen Mr Marco Scarci and we have confirmed your treatment, you will be given a date for your surgery. Your surgery will be scheduled taking into consideration the urgency of the case and your professional/personal schedule to offer holistic treatment. We will tell you what to bring with you, what time to arrive at the hospital, any fasting instructions, if you require a general anaesthetic, and when to attend a pre-assessment appointment (where applicable).

Discharge from hospital

If you are staying in hospital for one or more nights, you will need to arrange to be collected at your chosen hospital’s discharge time, unless otherwise instructed by Mr Scarci or one of his team.

You will be given a sheet with advice to help your recovery, and a follow-up appointment, if required. you will be given a telephone number for emergencies and Mr Scarci’s team is available 24/7

If you have any concerns or are feeling at all unwell once you have been discharged from hospital you should contact the hospital immediately.

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