About Mr. Marco Scarci MD FRCS (Eng) FCCP, FACS, FEBTS

Specialist in Keyhole Cancer Surgery

  • Mr.Marco Scarci is a highly experienced London-based Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, specialising in minimally invasive techniques. 
  • We welcomes enquiries about surgical and non-surgical treatment for a wide range of chest conditions, including chest wall deformities, fractured ribs and cancers.
  • Working closely with a multidisciplinary team enables us to offer a comprehensive service, high quality care and the very best outcomes for our patients. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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With years of dedicated medical practice and continuous education, I bring a wealth of expertise to provide top-notch healthcare. Your well-being is my priority.
I am committed to listening, understanding your concerns, and tailoring a personalized care plan that suits your needs.

Highly Experienced

Surgical and Non Surgical Treatments Available

Specialist Interest in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

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