Costocondritis Vs Slipping Rib Syndrome Video

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We discussed some of the most common casues of unexplained chest pain and the clinic differences between costocondritis and slipping rib syndrome.

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Costocondritis Vs Slipping Rib Syndrome Video Summary

On his website, Mr. Marco Scarci, a London-based consultant thoracic surgeon, explains the differences between costochondritis and slipping rib syndrome, two conditions that can cause chest pain and are often misdiagnosed.
Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone, leading to sharp chest pain that can mimic a heart attack. Treatment typically involves rest and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen.
Slipping rib syndrome, on the other hand, occurs when the ribs slip out of place, causing pain and tenderness in the chest and upper abdomen. This condition may require manipulation by a healthcare professional, and in severe cases, surgery might be necessary to realign or remove the affected rib.
Both conditions, while painful, are generally not life-threatening. However, it is crucial to accurately diagnose the cause of chest pain to determine the appropriate treatment plan. Mr. Scarci highlights that while imaging tests often appear normal, physical examination and specific maneuvers can aid in diagnosis​ (Marco Scarci Surgeon)​​ (Marco Scarci Surgeon)​.
For more information on cancer treatments and other thoracic conditions, Mr. Scarci’s website provides detailed insights and video resources.