International VATS Symposium 2016 London

International VATS Symposium 2016 London: Advancing Thoracic Surgery Globally

Glimpse from the International VATS Symposium 2016 London.

International VATS Symposium 2016 London - Summary

Mr. Marco Scarci, a consultant thoracic surgeon, participated in the International VATS Symposium 2016 in London, which focuses on advancements in Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS). This event gathered leading experts in thoracic surgery to share their experiences, latest techniques, and innovations in minimally invasive surgery. The symposium highlighted the importance of VATS in treating lung cancer and other thoracic conditions, emphasizing its growing role in modern thoracic surgery. For more details on cancer treatment and lung cancer in London, visit Marco Scarci’s website.

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