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Is Thoracic surgery for Chest reconstruction?

Thoracic Surgery for Chest Reconstruction

Chest reconstruction surgery is a complex and often lengthy procedure performed to surgically repair and reconstruct the chest wall following trauma, tumor removal, or congenital defects.

Several types of thoracic surgery can be used for chest reconstruction, with the specific approach determined by the underlying cause of the chest wall defect and the patient’s individual needs.

Here are some key details about each type of surgery:

Types of Chest Reconstruction Surgery:

* **Rib Graft:** This procedure involves harvesting bone grafts from the patient’s ribs to reconstruct the missing or damaged portion of the chest wall. It is a common technique for small to medium-sized defects.

* **Muscle Flap:** This technique involves transferring a muscle flap, along with its blood supply, from another part of the body to the chest wall. This is often used for larger defects or when rib grafts are not suitable.

* **Gore-Tex Patch:** This procedure involves using a synthetic mesh patch, made of Gore-Tex, to repair the chest wall defect. This is typically used for smaller defects or when other options are not feasible.

* **Sternoclavicular Joint Reconstruction:** This procedure involves the reconstruction of the joint between the sternum and clavicle.

Most commonly surgeons use a re-absorbable mesh and titanium plates to reconstruct anatomically the rib cage.